I cannot imagine a better performance than the one I witnessed over the past few days at the class certification hearing in Nevarro-Rive v. First USA Bank. There is no doubt that it was Jeff Tillotson’s superior lawyering that made the difference.

– Clinton W. Walker, Executive Vice-President,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work on the Stewart case. I don’t believe it would have been possible to have prepared or tried the case any better… Certainly your performance as lead council was the best I have ever seen.

– Charles E. Russell, Senior Vice-President and Assistant General Council, Associates Financial Services Company, Inc.

"I have been privileged to try cases across the table from many talented trial lawyers, but if I had to single one out it would be Jeff Tillotson. We tried a complex and tough case and I was amazed at what a naturally gifted trial lawyer he was throughout the trial. His instinct before a jury and his quiet confidence — no arrogance or condescension that might offend jurors — were truly impressive. On top of this, he was a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional throughout a relatively intense trial. I have since used a couple of things I saw him do in subsequent trials with success. No matter how many trials or appeals we might have, we can always learn from our colleagues." — from the Law360 interview with Mr. Walker

– James W. Walker, Attorney, Cole Schotz P.C.

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Few trial lawyers in the country have as much complex litigation experience as Jeff Tillotson. Even fewer have as much trial experience in complex multi-party cases. Over the past decade, Jeff has acted as lead lawyer in over a dozen major multi-part…

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