About Our Firm

Our practice focuses on thinking inside the box...the jury box.

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Though the firm handles a broad range of litigation matters, all clients share a related concern and a common goal: how to explain the complex and technical issues of their industry — and the issues in dispute — to jurors who are not familiar with the industry or business; and how to craft persuasive and compelling arguments in language that is easily understood and digested by the jurors. This is the main skill that Tillotson Johnson and Patton lawyers provide our clients.

We are best known for joining lawsuits midstream or when retained counsel realize they need to enlist the help of sophisticated local trial counsel. Though we take cases midstream, we are most effective when hired at the beginning or before a lawsuit is filed. Our experience in the courtroom on both the plaintiff and defendant sides of the aisle gives us an advantage during the discovery process. We take deposition testimony and conduct document review with a complete understanding of how to use the information at trial. This allows us to tailor an effective strategy for discovery and avoid unnecessary expenditure of time and our clients’ money. Of course, not all lawsuits go to trial. Experience has taught us that when the opposition is convinced we are prepared to go to trial and have the knowledge and experience to win, that helps us negotiate attractive settlements.

Your Team. Our partners are battle tested and bring an unmatched depth of experience that gives our clients comfort and confidence as we guide them through their dispute to a successful resolution. We are supported by a bespoke supporting cast of the best and brightest. When we take your case, you get the benefit of our entire talented team.

Our Cases. We take the tough cases. The complex cases other firms shy away from. The cases where the stakes are high. We thrive in making the complicated simple and crafting persuasive and compelling arguments in language that is easily understood and digested by judges and jurors alike.

Who We Are. We are passionate and close-knit. Every lawyer at our firm is enthusiastic about our clients’ cases and enjoys coming to work every day. We genuinely love what we do.

TJP ApproachWe focus on what matters and the goals of our clients. Every lawsuit is different, and we listen to our clients and work together to develop and implement a thoughtful strategy to achieve our clients’ goals. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, which gives us the advantage of always knowing the other side’s playbook.

Our experience allows us to cut to the chase and pursue your case efficiently and effectively with our eye on the prize.

While many firms turn litigation into bulky billing fests, we capitalize on our results-focused efficiency by finding ways to bet on ourselves through alternative fee arrangements. We prefer to be partners with our clients. To that end, our alternative fee arrangements range from fully contingent, fixed, or creative hybrids tailored to the unique dynamics of the case. Ultimately, we find that those types of fee structures best align our incentives and interests with our clients while simultaneously giving them predictability and affordability.